S.E.T. - You're Not Leaving

1.  You’re Not Leaving (Original Mix)
2.  You’re Not Leaving (Bas Ibellini Remix)    
3.  You’re Not Leaving (Carlota Marques Remix)
4.  Another Slice Of You (Original Mix)
5.  Another Slice Of You (Francesco Mami Remix)

For our first release of 2017, we are proud to present the second EP for S.E.T. - a collaborative project between Stephane Lefrancois, Elle Holgate and Tariq Ibrahim (aka S L F, E11E and Bazaar) in which the threesome continue their genre defying blend of dance - floor electronica and deep, suggestive storytelling.

“You’re Not Leaving” is an afro tinged, syncopated groover, with organic drums and layered percussion, carried by a hypnotic synth arpeggio.  Elle’s floaty, deep vocals and mysterious words, hypnotise you to stay a little bit longer.

Carlota Marques’ take on the opening track is a minimalistic, bass heavy techno masterpiece, where subtle layers weave in and out of the solid, grounded low end.  Reversed, eerie vocal snippets hint at the original version, while evolving modular loops make the journey a deeply absorbing, fascinating maze to get lost in. A dream to never leave. 

Bas Ibellini’s devilishly catchy remix expands the original into a deep and delicious odyssey through mysterious techno landscapes. Set to an ever unfolding groove emerges a hypnotic, brooding bass line progressing into spaced out riffs. Bubbly synths provide another deep hook and tripped out echoes of the vocals complete your journey into never leaving ecstasy. Cancel your taxi, you’re not leaving once this plays.

“Another Slice Of You” is a groovy floor filler revolving around a relentlessly funky bass line and classic drum machine beats that echo of dance floors calling you to stay. Twisted modular melodies accentuate the sultry message.  Featuring guest vocals from S.E.T. and Secret Music muse Fenja Ifigenia, the track explores the juxtaposition of a robotic, mechanical tone, with its sensually charged suggestion. I really think you should stay.

Francesco Mami’s remix of “Another Slice Of You” is a straightforward, driving, percussive and supremely infectious techno groove.  The vocals are dubbed out and trippy, while synth hits propel this beast forward in an unforgiving, dance floor friendly fashion.  

S.E.T.’s sound is defined by their freeform approach to songwriting and explorations into the heart of electronic music. Tracks begin as loose jams, and evolve into multi - layered arrangements of hooks, melodies and rhythms harvested from a vast collection of analog drum machines, modular synthesizers and organic recordings in their Berlin, London and Paris studios.  

Catalog Number : SM012    
Release Date : First quarter 2017

All tracks written and produced by Stephane Lefrancois, Tariq Ibrahim and Elle Holgate.
Additional production by Carlota Marques, Bassam Ibellini and Francesco Mami.

Photography by Andy Sowerby.