Liz Cirelli

Liz’s background lies within the classical arts – she trained as a professional ballet dancer and classical musician from a very early age until 18, when a chance encounter introduced her to the world of electronic music. Entranced, she decided to hang up her pointe shoes and immerse herself in the world of music.

Today her productions have achieved top 20 dance music chart success.  She has developed distinguished DJ sets that are strikingly unique, meticulously musical – and repeatedly successful on the dance floor.

Continuously evolving as a professional composer and producer, Liz has now become known as a multi-dimensional music maker. From full orchestral pieces to minimal electronic soundscapes, Liz effortlessly brings them to life, intelligently fusing the worlds of classical and electronic.

Liz’s commercial career has seen her compose numerous short film scores, documentary and advertising sound tracks. She has worked with major international brands including EMI Production Music, Nokia, Diesel, Bose, Sky TV, L’Oreal and Julian Schnabel.

Liz has an innate understanding of the power of music. It is her aim to bring music to people not just as a form of entertainment, escapism or kudos, but to utilize the immense power of sound as a form of healing.