Michelle Cade

Michelle Cade is a London – based DJ, producer, songwriter and vocalist whose eclectic taste, combined with a passion to entertain, consistently leads her audiences on a unique sonic journey.

She blends tribal, ethnic, ambient, dub, deep house, minimal and techno into her sets and creations, and collaborates with some of London’s finest musicians, to add the magic of a live element.  She also works extensively with visual artist Taryn Jo of Prism Dynamics, creating customized, intricate visual projections.

Michelle’s love for music and dance began very early, growing up in South Africa.

“As a young dancer, I found magic in the right combination of movement and expression with rhythm and sound, and it was then that my
excitement for music began”.

Michelle uses synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and field recordings, while layering her voice to create original vocal textures and sounds.

Influenced by her surroundings, experiences and the important people in her life, most of Michelle’s work is conceptual and emotive.  She is fascinated with different cultures, their traditional musical instruments and rhythms, and incorporates these different energies into her music .
Michelle also collaborates with an African charity, the Mayamiko Trust, DJ’ing and producing music for their London fundraising events.