Stephane Lefrancois & Jameson Gilvarry - Laika EP

A. Laika (Original Mix)
B. Laika (Dantiez Saunderson’s Deep Journeys Remix)

For our first release of 2015, we are very excited to present a collaboration between Stephane Lefrancois and Jameson Gilvarry, on 12’ and digital.

Laika was the first cosmonaut dog, a pioneer in her own right.  We imagined this track could have been playing the first time she took a look through her porthole and glanced at our Earth.  It is an uplifting, rolling, melodic techno anthem that keeps building and reaching new heights.  Under the clean, crisp beats, layers of eerie, hypnotic textures keep the journey intriguing and evolving.  The main synth pad that develops through the track adds an optimistic, euphoric sense of discovery and wonder.  It’s a beautiful, driving piece that is designed to elevate any dance floor, while keeping the low end firmly anchored and thumping.

Dantiez Saunderson’s remix strips down the groove, while giving it a swung, offbeat feel.  Staying true to the original, this version also introduces another layer of melodic synths, extending the journey, making it deeper and moody.  The booming, clean low end and bouncy high end keep the groove propelling forward.  This mix is Dantiez’s summer anthem, and we’re proud to feature it on this very special release.

Catalog Number : SM008
Format : 12’ and Digital
Release Date : Vinyl (April 23rd 2015), Digital (May 7th 2015)

All tracks written and produced by Stephane Lefrancois and Jameson Gilvarry.
Additional production by Dantiez Saunderson.

Design by David Jorre.