Lemi - Precious Indeed EP

1. Precious Indeed
2. Get It On
3. Get It On (Ibellini’s Throwback Mix)

For our fifth release, we are proud to present a collaboration between Stephane Lefrancois and Jason Miles, Lemi.

Precious Indeed is an energetic and vibrant deep house piece, displaying Lemi’s signature sound. The organic, thriving beats are complimented by catchy analog ear – candy and melodies, while the cheeky vocals tell the story of how one might feel when they have lost something precious to them, and can’t seem to find it again.  It is a relentless track, a gorgeous musical journey, with a humorous, tongue – in – cheek vibe.

Get It On is a deep, funky, fun house track. It is about random encounters, flirting, and eventually, getting it on. With some regrets the morning after, and a tendency to doing it again, time after time. The catchy vocals are accompanied by a masterfully played electric guitar, and Lemi’s usual trippy synths and groovy drums.  Ultimately, the track turns into a churning, head nodding groove.

Ibellini‘s take on Get It On takes us back a few decades, with a swung, driving groove. It is a playful, dancefloor oriented track, and confirms Ibellini‘s incredible sense of what makes a crowd move. The old school drums roll along, while the dubbed vocals come in and out, weaving with classic synth sounds. A true throwback mix indeed !

Catalog Number : SM005
Release Date : October 10th, 2013

All tracks written and produced by Stephane Lefrancois and Jason Miles.
Guitar by Merton Otrem.
Additional production by Bassam Ibellini.

Artwork by Antonio Motta.