S.E.T. - The Portal


1. The Portal (Original Mix)
2. The Portal (Jameson's Remix)

3. Into The Light (Original Mix)
4. Into The Light (S L F Afro Mix)

For our eleventh release, we are proud to present S.E.T.’s debut EP on Secret Music.

The Portal is a cinematic, metaphysical journey through space and out of time, with Elle’s mysterious vocals leading into a doorway of tribal layered, live drums, an evocative deep bass line and a soaring message of existential ecstasy.   Anthem melodies and psychedelic synths provide the light until the end of the Portal.  Simply; an intergalactic, new-school soundtrack to time travel.  Jameson Gilvarry’s remix anchors the original into a solid, grounding 4 on the floor feel, with a choppier bass line and recurring, floaty guitar licks.  The vocals swirl around in this off-the-cuff arrangement, while rounded synths poke out from the ether.

Into The Light is a deep, groovy house track featuring Elle’s signature vocals, both engaging, and supremely evocative.  This one’s an enigmatic groover, with subtle melodies set to a straight forward beat, solid bass line and atmospheric layers to lose yourself in. ‘One light, two bodies and a third eye’ Into The Light hints at S.E.T.’s subliminal reoccurring themes of psychedelic hedonism, metaphysical journeys and spiritual ascension through dance music. 

S L F’s Afro Mix turns the original into an infectious dance floor monster, with syncopated drums backed up by a classic house beat, an ear catching bass line and vocal loops riding throughout.  This classic S L F remix takes Into The Light into tribal territory, known to transport dancefloors to new dimensions of abandon.

Catalog Number : SM011
Release Date : July 15th, 2016

All tracks written and produced by Stephane Lefrancois, Tariq Ibrahim and Elle Holgate. Engineered by Stephane Lefrancois.