David Jorre

David’s love for electronic music was first ignited in the 90s when he happened upon the hypnotic sounds of Orbital and Leftfield. Quickly latching on to the melodic tones of techno, he soon found himself in the studio producing those melodies from scratch.

He used to go by the alias of Anauel, creating a unique mix of soothing techno and deep house – occasionally touching on electronica and ambient dub. Anauel is known to feature raw, organic textures of female vocal tracks, layered on ethereal, evocative and captivating audio landscapes.

These days he no longer uses an alias. His style, still soothing techno, is more soulful with rich textures, creating ambient deep-chill.

What’s most interesting about David’s musical side is how he draws on his graphic design knowledge when he’s recording – and vice versa. In his mind, both call for an understanding of how to apply imagination to create palpable, enticing sceneries.

David has released music on Kindred Sounds, Ethica Recordings, Arabica, and Secret Music.