Antonio Motta

Antonio Motta is a multi faceted artist residing in Italy.  After learning the guitar and growing up with rock, his interest turned to drum machines and techno. Antonio works on hardware only, which gives his music a distinctive raw sound, where dreamy melodies and evocative bass lines feed off each other.

Antonio is currently working on a live hardware set, featuring dark, moody techno, simple in its concept, but deep and enticing on the dance floor.  His music is always evolving, and his arrangements follow a band – like aesthetic, a refreshing sound for the discerning audience.

Antonio is also an incredible visual artist. His collages are suggestive and thought provoking, and are a big favorite of ours.  With incredible detail and depth, his art will keep the brain stimulated and buzzing well after the music fades out.

Stephane Lefrancois and Antonio, when writing and performing together, are known as Omenetti.