ASOY & S L F - Between The Beat


1.  NINAH (Original Mix)
2. NINAH (AD:mE Remix)

3. Rumbleface (Original Mix)

For our 13th release, we are proud to present a collaboration between ASOY and S L F.  

The pair met up one evening, in an east end London studio, hunched over a Syncussion SY-1 and a pile of modulars.  A long night followed, and countless hours of music, noise and bleeps were recorded, edited, looped and effected.  This is the result.

NINAH is a meandering, captivating piece of simmering techno that keeps the tension high.  The underlying arp is punctuated by percussive sound effects,  surging waves of synths and escalating claps and snares rolls.  It’s an ever oscillating journey, moody and haunting.

Rumbleface is a more laid back, trippy affair, with a bouncy bassline, live percussion, modular sound effects and jazzy chords.  It is perfect for those floaty afternoons by the beach, with a fun, smooth vibe.  

AD:mE infuses NINAH with his signature sounds, giving it a refreshingly progressive feel, while the chugging rhythm section takes care of driving this remix straight to the dancefloor.

Catalog Number : SM013
Release Date : June 21st, 2018

All tracks written and produced by Demi and Stephane Lefrancois.
Additional production by Jameson Gilvarry.