Omenetti - How It Could Be EP

1. How It Could Be
2. Temporarily Suspended

For our third release, we are proud to present a collaboration between Stephane Lefrancois and Antonio Motta, Omenetti.

How It Could Be is a mellow house groove, with ghostly vocal snippets.  It is supplemented by a thriving, driving kick and tom combo, and Antonio‘s signature melodies.  It’s a perfect track for warming up the dance floor, and getting a classy, deep party vibe going.

Temporarily Suspended is a relentless techno track.  It was written a few years ago, but got revisited recently, and became even more driving than its previous incarnation.  The beat is busy and always evolving, the sounds are crisp and punchy, and subtle melodies poke through.

Catalog Number : SM003
Release Date : August 15, 2013

All tracks written and produced by Stephane Lefrancois and Antonio Motta.

Artwork by Antonio Motta.