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S L F & JAG "No Regrets" Feat Lexy Panterra is out on Beatport as a Stem file !

We're happy to support this innovative way of distributing music, and are looking forward to hearing Lexy's beautiful vocals creep in DJ sets around the world !

The original mix is a beautiful, balearic, uplifting jewel.  Lexy’s pristine and evocative vocals ride over a bouncy, smooth backing track with plenty of dynamics and musical ear candy.  This is a new school take on the classic love song, perfect for sunrises and sunsets.  A dance floor filler with soul !

Simon Baker is on remixing duties, as BKR Projekt.  He gives the song a complete techno twist, with a relentless, hypnotic groove.  The distorted drums give it a driving, warehouse vibe, while the loopy layers of dubbed out vocals creep in, ghostly and haunting.  This one is for the big rooms !

Catalog Number : SM009
Format : 12’ and Digital
Release Date : Vinyl (July 20th 2015), Digital (August 20th 2015)

Written by Stephane Lefrancois, Jameson Gilvarry, Lexy Panterra and J. Dens.
Produced by Stephane Lefrancois and Jameson Gilvarry.
Additional production by Simon Baker.

Design by David Jorre