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SLF & Jameson Gilvarry. Dark Crystal

To celebrate our 10th release on Secret Music, we are very excited to present a collaboration between SLF (a.k.a. Stephane Lefrancois) and Jameson Gilvarry.  
Dark Crystal is a brooding, driving piece of melodic techno.  The groove is relentless, afro infused and organic.  It provides a solid foundation for the layered, hypnotic synth lines, both uplifting and enigmatic.  The track is a rolling journey that doesn't let the energy drop, and once again, fuses Jameson's love for darker, haunting textures with Stephane's irresistible sense of groove.  
Coming out before the summer, it is perfect for those after hour moments when the vibe needs to be both magical and whimsical.

Written, produced and engineered by Stephane Lefrancois and Jameson Gilvarry.
Artwork by Bogu Shine.  Design by David Jorre.

Catalog Number : SM010
Format : Digital
Release Date : May 14th, 2016
File Under : Techno