London-based singer-producer Nat Ya (Natacha Chossudovsky) bridges elements of electronic music and jazz for a groove-driven, poetic musical outlook. Her productions combine a slightly abstract atmosphere with caressing vocals and a rhythmic landscape best described as new wave trip-hop. Vocally and lyrically, Nat Ya expresses the ambivalence of the grown woman hiding a little girl still dealing with the loss of her innocence.

Surrounded at a young age by big band jazz cats, French-Canadian-Russian-Irish Natacha Chossudovsky picked up the sax at age ten, later crossing over into classical music with the 'cello. Choral singing made up another facet of her musical education. She put music on hold to focus on “the Word,” studying English Lit at university. That love affair eventually culminated with songwriting which in turn took Natacha into the studio where she rediscovered music as the greatest passion of all. From then on Nat Ya dropped her career in arts publishing and picked up singing again, going on to study music production and audio engineering at the London School of Sound and Pyramind in San Francisco.